Easy steps to improve your life in busy schedule

In today’s world, with so many options to choose from, you should live however you want to. If you are not quite sure where to start, I’m here to help. Running between job and school I just don’t have time for full time gym, crazy night outs and well, sleep. Here is my secret.

Did it happen to you to look at the mirror and say: “How did I get to be such a mess“? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Running on a busy schedule can be challenging when it comes to fixing yourself up. Most of the days I barely had time for breakfast until I made a ‘’home schedule’’ to follow my ‘’work schedule’’. The results were amazing.
Organizing is the key. Is it your closet, makeup basket, laundry, bed? I find out our mind works better in a clean and neat environment than in a messy one. Unorganized space makes your brain confused and trust me, that space is reflecting on your brain. My mom used to say: ‘’Messy room, messy mind’’. Turns out, she was right.So let’s go back to our schedule.Pick a day when you can clean your living space. Organize your desk, do laundry, clean the bathroom. It’s a boring job but hey, someone needs to do it. My cleaning day is Sunday and I feel awesome when I get up on Monday, pick outfit without searching for bra first 15 minutes. My makeup basket is in line, chairs are empty and there is no dust. Aaaah, feels fresh.


Healthy body                                                                                                                                                                Do grocery shopping online. No, you don’t need to buy only junk food, and yes, you can find healthy organic online grocery shopping. Depending on area you live in, you might have local farms delivering to your door or even at your job. I am kind of a person that gets excited to go shopping even for bread and milk and can spend 5 hours walking around to buy things I really don’t need and in the end if not for the money, it’s really a waste of time. Online shopping is helping me save time and money. I make a list of things I really need, put them in my shopping cart and check out. Done.
Don’t forget: lot of local farms are delivering these days. Being an organic freak (no, seriously that is my nickname), I make one monthly order to fill up my freezer with fresh milk, meats and vegetables. Always find it better and sort of healthier if you buy fresh vegetables, cut it yourself and freeze it. That’s how you avoid preservatives and bad quality of processed food.
Pick a day when you can cook. Ok, I do this usually on the same day as cleaning the house, since the mess I make is equal to a bomb explosion. Seriously. I think throughout the week what should I cook and that’s how I make my shopping list (see, schedule works already). On Sunday, I make sure all meats are defrosted and start making meals for the following week. I find this better than take-out food that I would usually eat at work or when I get home late at night exhausted to even lift a spoon. It saves you time, money and you know what you are eating. It’s a win-win.
Your schedule is tight so should you. No time for gym, trainers and expensive products? Great, you don’t have to spend a dollar.
I was always unhappy with my body and not knowing how to take care of it. Either I was too skinny (yes, skinny people are unhappy, too) or my skin was not clean, moisturized, had cellulite and was even fighting with back not being straight… Sometimes, I just couldn’t find the right makeup or haircut. Today, with just a little help of Internet, you can find posts, blogs, even volunteers who will help you out and answer all of your questions on how to improve your body and health.
I usually don’t have time for gym and trainer so I download pictures, load YouTube clips and follow fitness Instagram accounts to guide me while I practice in my apartment. Easy. If you want to be advanced, you can buy Pilates ball and have it next to your desk or bed, when you take a break, do 4-5 minutes exercise. It doesn’t take time from your usual routine and it really good to shape up your body.
The point is not to look like super fit celebrities because remember, they have teams of people taking care of every segment in their life. You should do it to release negative energy and stress and feel good about yourself.
I hope these steps help you or give you new ideas how to manage your life on busy schedule. Do you have different steps? Write in a comment!
Good luck! 🙂


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I am an Army vet, an immigrant, and a woman. I find peace in writing and helping others. #FightingPTSD

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