3 Trends Every Fashionista Should Know

In the end of the year, we can always sum up what was good fashion trend and what was a complete disaster. 2015 was major in makeup and hairstyle fields, so these 3 trends are definitely going to stay in 2016.

Makeup world was never the same, after Cara Delevingne presented her eyebrows to the wide world. From early 2000’s thin eyebrows to 2016’s bold and boyish, eyebrows are big part of our style and makeup.
Is it just me or bold eyebrows are bigger hit than black eyeliner and Lady Gaga’s hair bow?
From girls competing who drew them better, to makeup artists and producers competing who did it better, shaping your eyebrows became art for itself.
However you like your eyebrows, thin or full, be careful not to over-do them, because fake look is never in style.


2015 was definitely a year of lipsticks. From nude, red, brown, blue to black colors, lipsticks became a must in daily makeup. Even the biggest celebrities experimented with colors. Lipstick world changed after Jeffree Star launched his Velour Liquid Lipstick collection that is vegan, cruelty free, and rich with colors. After him, Kylie Jenner lips were definitely biggest conversation starter between makeup addicts. She even made her own collection of signature colors. Are her lips too much, is question that is raised usually when Kylie shows up. Makeup can look great even if it goes over lip lines, as long as it is applied well and not visibly fake.
If wearing statement lipstick is your thing, then you should consider having some colors like, brown, purple, red and black.


The Lob
This hairstyle was launched by Kardashian sisters in 2015 and it got huge attention worldwide. Except the fact it’s stylish, it’s also low maintenance and if your hair is naturally curly or wavy, you don’t need to do anything special to make it look like you just got of red carpet. The best part is, even if messy, it can be very classy or just casual.



Whatever you decide your look will be, always keep one thing on mind: Fake look is so 2000s.

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