14 Things you should have in your kitchen

Very simple guide list for people who enjoy their food, just like me! These are things I always keep in kitchen and make my life much, much easier when I am hungry.



Virgin Olive oil is very healthy and plus it’s tasty to use with salads and bread. Be careful, olive oil is not meant to be fried and when it’s heated, it’s extremely toxic. Olive oil is my absolute fave when it comes to salads or pasta.


Sunflower oil is my number one oil, when it comes to baking and frying. On the side that doesn’t have a strong flavor, sunflower oil is on top of the list for healthiest cooking oils. Nothing tastes better than French fries fried in this oil. Yum!


This delicious vegetable gives us mashed potato, casserole, Shepard’s pie, French fries (and vodka), what other reason I should give you to have this item as a MUST in your kitchen? It is easy to prepare, no matter if baked, fried or boiled. Get your things in order, every other vegetable!



If you are a fish lover, cans of tuna is something you should keep in your kitchen because it can come handy when you are hungry and need something that is fast. Is it tuna mixed with mayo and scallion, or over pasta with some cheese or sour cream, you can’t go wrong with it. I can’t think of anything lighter and faster to eat in warm summer days.



Here is a fact: eggs are delicious. You can add them to any dish, sandwich, and let’s not forget, ice cream. Hard boiled eggs is something I try to keep in my fridge with some fresh ones. If you are in a rush in the morning, scrambled eggs are way to go. If you want to be creative, add some peppers, cheese, spinach or ham, you have delicious omelet.


Beat one egg, add 1 ½ cup of flour, 1 tbs. baking powder, bit of sugar and salt, 1 ¼  cup of milk and 3 tbs. of butter and you just made pancakes.

And then, there is brunch eggs. We can’t argue that.


Fun fact: Bananas are the only fruit that contains the amino acid tryptophan plus vitamin B6. They help your body produce serotonin – a natural substance that alleviates depression. Bananas also don’t have fat, cholesterol and sodium. By eating bananas, our body is getting protein, which is very important for our muscles, especially if exercising.

Greek yogurt or whole milk, banana, strawberries and a splash of orange juice is a real blessing to our body. List of things you can make with bananas is a mile long. If in need for something fast, sweet and healthy, just mix 2 eggs and one banana, and make pancakes. You can add absolutely anything from vanilla extract, chopped nuts, chocolate chips to fresh fruits and jam. It is great to snack on or have it for breakfast, even after workout. My favorite snack is banana cut on half, dipped in Nutella and chopped nuts for nice afternoon snack.



This vegetable can be found in pasta sauces, casseroles, sandwiches and pizza. Is it fresh or in a can, it always comes handy to have it for some pasta Puttanesca when guests come over unexpectedly or just for a simple sandwich with lettuce and mayo on top. Usually, when one or two tomatoes left or opened can, I like to add chopped onion, cook for few minutes in water and oil, add sour cream, prosciutto, and spices and if possible mushrooms, and there you have it, homemade pasta sauce. My family loves when we have some leftovers of tomatoes because that means pasta time.



Oatmeal is one thing you can eat in the morning, afternoon or late night and no one can judge you for doing it. They are great, cheap and healthy. If you are in a rush in the morning, or just want something before going to bed, oatmeal is a great food to have in your kitchen and menu. Chopped strawberries, walnuts, sprinkled with brown sugar is just a must for my summer breakfast.




For pretty basic powder, flour gives you a lot of choices, actually. Definitely what I would recommend is all- purpose flour because gives you so many options. Is it to make a dough, thicken any liquid or sauce or just as coating for fried food, flour helps you with all this. In my kitchen it’s mostly used to make sour dough from scratch.


Whole Milk

Yes, whole milk. I know we are always trying to eat healthy, be careful with calories and fats but whole milk is something you should ALWAYS drink before any other low – fat, fat – free or reduced fat milk.

And I will give you a valid reason, don’t worry. Fat in milk is healthy. Let us just think rationally. Processed food is not good. So why is fat free milk good? It’s not. Milk fat contains vitamins A and D, and it reduces chances for our body to crave for donuts or fried food if we drink a glass of whole milk in the morning. And on top of every other health fact, whole milk tastes better than any other processed, fat reduced milk. So next time when in supermarket, grab whole milk and enjoy a glass during breakfast, in your cereal or in coffee.


Sour cream or yogurt

Since we are talking about dairy, one more addition to your fridge should be sour cream or yogurt. It is really hard to find whole milk yogurt but low-fat ones are not bad if they contain fruit or chocolate inside. It is a good addition to pastas, sandwiches, cold salads, smoothies and cereals. Other good thing about this delicious products is that goes with every season and temperature.



If you are a meat lover, then chicken should be your choice for freezer. It defrosts really fast, gets prepared in just few minutes and it is super tasty. Chicken meat is rich with protein, which is good for muscles and it’s not rich with calories. Grilled, sautéed, fried, baked, wings, chicken breasts, the list doesn’t stop for deliciousness.



Except the fact that this is how my husband calls me, nuts are something we always have in our home. Full with fiber, healthy fats, minerals and vitamins, nuts are great to mix with your breakfast, smoothie or eat them plain. If you mix nuts in honey, you get healthy snack and good aphrodisiac J.



Simple, good and fast. Addition to meat, vegetable, or dessert, rice is always one of the first jars on my kitchen shelf. Grab frozen veggies, microwave, prepare rice and that’s one idea for lunch. Top it with chicken, steak or corn, or simply cook it in milk, add sugar, cinnamon or chocolate, and dessert is ready.


Frozen fruits and vegetables

In my first post, I wrote how I prefer to buy fresh fruits and veggies, rather than mixed bags in supermarket simply because I see what goes in and that there is no preservative added. Carrots, corn, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, bananas, mangos, raspberries is something you can find in my freezer, especially during winter. In fall, I start buying fresh ones and bagging for freezer. On days when feeling lazy to cook, just grab one bag of mixed veggies, ground beef and mashed potatoes, in 20 minutes Shepherd’s Pie is ready. Take a bag of your favorite mix of fruits, blend it with yogurt or milk and there is one healthy smoothie. Let it defrost, add milk and yogurt, mix it for few minutes with electric mixer, and there you have fruit cream for pancakes, waffles or crepes. Or put it back in freezer, in 2 hours you have natural ice cream. Possibilities are endless.






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