Skincare and makeup confession


If you live on East Coast, you are probably hugging space heater right now and forgot how outside looks like. On days when you decide to punish yourself and go out, your skin shouldn’t be punished. Here are easy steps to save your skin from cracking and drying and still look fab.

Facial cream

It took me awhile (about 6 years of frustration, skin rash and endless crying) to find right facial cream. My skin varies from extremely dry to very oily and honestly, it’s annoying. Changing creams and formulas, from organic and baby products, to witches potions and shamrock roots, everything gave me pimples and redness. Until I found perfect product that saved my life. Aquaphor from Eucerin is literally the best thing that exists on the planet. If you didn’t make face palm after reading this, then you know you can use Aquaphor on daily basis, if your skin is extremely sensitive.

During winter, I use Burt’s Bees products as makeup primer, since my skin gets really dry.


Makeup or no, facial cream is a must on every day basis because it takes care of skin texture and pores.


People who know me for 10+ years scream in shock when and IF they ever see me without makeup during winter. My skin is pale and very sensitive so makeup helps in protecting from cracking and peeling on days when it is freezing outside. When choosing right foundation, you need to consider your skin type and tone, for mine I go with Dream Liquid Mousse from Maybelline and L’oreal True Match LUMI, that I actually mix in to get nice toned, natural color. Finish it off with Maybelline Shine Free Loose Powder and blush my cheeks with ALMAY smart shade. You might noticed that all of this products are drugstore makeup but for day makeup I really don’t need that fleeky Kim Kardashian look because I don’t have cameras on every corner and paparazzi stalkers.


My stalker carries a paper bag with vodka inside so he is not getting MAC cosmetics treatment.

With all those makeup artists on Instagram, “fans” are forgetting one thing. Makeup artists are using high-end full coverage makeup products that are heavy on your skin and have so much shine and glitter that if you wear it in a supermarket, people think you are radioactive. Light to medium coverage is all you need for daily makeup. Also, Instagram tutorials are for night makeup, which is something different and clubs, restaurants and gala events go with that heavy red carpet look, instead schools, stores and gossip parties at Starbucks. I will make a special tutorial for full coverage makeup.


Ok, let’s face it, bold eyebrows are the biggest hit since belly piercing and my time goes mostly on doing them. If you follow makeup trends then the last rule about expensive makeup products on daily basis doesn’t apply here. Go spend all your money on brow pencils and mousses, go, and don’t look back. My current obsession is Anastasia Beverly Hills pencil, that is absolutely magical. It gives you subtle, natural look and it can go from thick to thin without Angelina Jolie effect.

The 59th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
Angelina Jolie (Photo by SGranitz/WireImage)

Please, don’t make this eyebrows. Ever.


This is much better.

From here it’s really up to you, if you prefer to have eye makeup or finish up with lipstick or lip gloss, I’m sure you will look fabulous no matter what!

When day is over and makeup needs to go 😦 , whatever method you use to remove it, make sure you moisture your skin before bed with night face cream, so skin can stay radiant.

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