New Rubric on AllCoffeeTalk

It’s been crazy last few months. I quit my job, started a blog, went back to school, moved to another town… And it’s only May. In these last few weeks, I had a great experience exploring my inner self and met amazing people to help me with my journey.

I started a blog so I can express myself and my beliefs to others and to have fun. It came natural to me as I like to travel, cook and do makeup. But I didn’t realize how much impact this blog will have on my life.

With that being said, I will start a new rubric on AllCoffeeTalk simply called: Thoughts. It will be the area where I will post about some part of my life, some stories, opinions and spiritual improvements. I learned over the course of years that sometimes you just need to hear the truth, no matter how cruel it is.

Sometimes, I just need a quote to change the course of my day or bad period of thoughts and actions.
When someone told me to start writing things down I gave them a laugh. But then, I started just to prove them wrong. Now, I’ve been writing for 3 years and couple of things came out of that. One, I feel much better when I put things on paper. Two, while writing, I realize things that I normally wouldn’t. Things become clear and I find solution quicker. And three, when I read it again after a year or so, I realize how much stronger I become, how I made it through even if in that moment I thought I wouldn’t and how I wouldn’t even stress about that if it happened right now. It is an experience that will stay marked on a paper, because we should not forget who we were on the beginning and that learning process we had to go through, and tears we had to cry out.

All guest posts are welcome. You have a story please, share it. You are struggling with certain things in your life? Write about it, we will post it and listen to other what they have to say. In this area, you can post as someone else, you can use different name, write a story about other people, whatever will make you feel better.

I hope this stories will help you to not feel alone and improve you at becoming a stronger, better person.

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I am an Army vet, an immigrant, and a woman. I find peace in writing and helping others. #FightingPTSD

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