Solid Food – Yes or No

In last few years, all we could see is celebrities going gluten free, dairy-free, vegan and so on. It became Hollywood trend to advertise healthy and liquid food. For me, that was always sort of funny as I loved to chew on my food and enjoy taste of chipotle chicken or chocolate cake. But now in 2016 when food is such a big concern, I realized that those poster celebrities are not just eccentric – they are smart.
Living in New York area makes it hard to find farm to table food and definitely takes extra time and effort to shop. I have spent a year doing a research on healthy food, the concept of healthy food, where and how to shop and eat. Thanks to Mike’s Organic Delivery I solved most of my problems when it comes to dairy and meats. This site is great for grocery shopping when you are stuffing your fridge and freezer with healthy groceries like whole milk, chicken breast, steak, greens. It is great for big shopping list. But what to do when I am just craving for some fruit salad, yogurt or a snack like chips?
In my previous posts I published recipes and discussed about whole milk and meat. Not afraid to say I am carnivore but do respect every other choice. It was never an issue to stop eating meat for religion reasons (I am Orthodox Christian) and enjoy being vegan four couple of weeks before Christmas and Easter. For this year, I went vegetarian for few weeks before the fast started as for some reason I got sick from bacon and beef smell. When I observed food more closely I seen how bad processed supemarket food is and what goes inside. It just made me sick even looking at it.

Before this Easter I did my fast for seven weeks and it was easy. My choice of stores were Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s for the most part and my usual: guacamole, veggie burgers, hummus, tofu (even though I avoid eating soy), non-dairy, egg free bread, dark chocolate, rice, fries, tones of veggies, fruits and of course, coconut milk ice cream. Great discovery was Chipotle’s Sofritas that is vegan. This was all happening in time when Chipotle was involved in several scandals with E. Coli and discriminating management practices and we would always comment how couple of years ago, they had the same problem and stopped using tomatoes for their guacamole and were wondering what ingredient they will drop now.
The fast went great and Easter celebration was wonderful. After two months not eating animal products I was ready to go back to normal and not be pain to my coworkers when we order food – when it happened. One phone call from the store changed it all. It was recall – Dr. Praeger’s California Veggie Burgers that were contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. My first reaction was what in the world is Listeria and what kind of effects it has. Few minutes on Google I learned it is very dangerous infection that can cause death. Luckily, I didn’t have any symptoms but that gave me anxiety when in supermarket again and of course, I didn’t stop reading about it. In some point you need to stop reading but I just couldn’t. And that was again, scary experience for my stomach where I got sick of just thinking about solid food. After that day only thing I could process was a smoothie and maybe a piece of chicken. I tried not to go extreme, first so I don’t get sick of drastic change and not to become “one of those white people” who are drinking their food. I tried to eat homemade pancakes with some fruit but I can’t eat that much sugar every morning.
Therefore, I needed a solution and I found it. One solid meal a day so I can chew and several different smoothies and yogurts to drink and get full. The most surprising thing is that I actually can get full of just drinking these fruits and vegetables, as I didn’t believe in that and I used every opportunity to mock “those people.”
My friends laugh at me and say “white people shit” to my concerns and to certain extent I do agree, especially when someone says gluten – free I think about the same thing they say to me. But food is one of the most important things in our life. If our food is not healthy, not satisfying or safe our health is at risk, our mood changes and that is when it gets complicated. Yes, it is hard to eat differently than most of the people in my environment, it is definitely hard to find organic, all natural groceries. I don’t talk about this and I don’t advertise it within my friends that much but I thought of sharing my story as this is sensitive subject to bring up and I like to hear different opinions.

Today, my day started with coffee and smoothie of well washed strawberries, blueberries and raspberries and whole milk yogurt. For work I am preparing kale, banana, pineapple and touch of whole milk from Mike’s Delivery. For dinner I might go with a salad if I don’t have fresh banana to sprinkle it with nuts and Nutella. Yes, I didn’t give up on chocolate. That is something it was not involved in health scandal recently. Thank God 🙂

Feel free to express your thoughts on this subject in comments below!  😉


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