Review: Products That Changed My Life – Aroma Soap Lab by Renee Howard

Being someone who has problematic and sensitive skin, it’s really hard to find a good facial cream and scrub as all of them are giving me rash, redness or dry out my skin even more. As I confessed in one of my previous posts, I use Aquaphor  from Eucerin during winter months and in general when it’s windy but I couldn’t find a good cream during 90+ degrees.

While scrolling one day on Etsy, looking for some good handmade products, I found my little piece of heaven.

It is called AromaSoapLab owned by amazing girl Renee Howard. She is the girl that changed my skin forever. If you go to her page, you will find cool stuff that will literally change your life forever. Best part – they are affordable and organic.


I looked carefully all products and decided to try Rose Hip infused plant based facial moisturizer because all other products can be miracles but if it doesn’t work on my face, it’s a lost case for me. So I placed my order and got it within few days. Since I am someone who is a makeup hoarder, I was excited to try out my new cream but also scared of how is my face going to turn out in few days and how am I going to get rid of acne after it.

That night, took a shower and decided to put my new baby on. The texture of this cream is like silk that started melting between my palms and my my skin became soft instantly. First impression: AWESOME.

Woke up in the morning, my skin smooth and soft, no dryness, no acne. Tried it for three days in a row, my skin just got better and radiant, few of pimples I had on my forehead were gone. It is a great product for summer and hot days because it’s very light and it feels like you don’t have anything on but it also didn’t disappoint me during windy and cold days. I was so happy for finding this product that I decided to try more.


My next purchase was Tea Tree Mint Sea Clay facial scrub /Mask. I never had an opportunity to use any scrub or a mask more than twice because my skin had awful reaction on everything. From cheapest ones to the most expensive ones, it just didn’t work for me so I gave up finally on trying to find a perfect scrub and just wash my face for longer time, sometimes adding brown sugar to my soap just so I get little of scrubbing done.

Did the same thing trying out, three day rule and the result was clean and smooth skin, soft like a cloud.


After great experience with this two products, I tried Tea Tree Mint Sea Clay Soap and currently waiting on Anise Mint Charcoal Olive Oil Soap as charcoal is the biggest hit that is happening in cosmetics world right now so expect a review soon on few similar products as well 🙂

Super excited for discovering her and hopefully this post will help change someone’s life like it did to mine!


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