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Being In Your Twenties Can Be Also Stressful – And That Is Totally Fine

Sometimes trying to figure out life seems like Algebra problem that you just can’t solve, especially when you are in your twenties and trying to find yourself, your interests, career and get experience. While some people settled down for a … Continue reading

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Review: Products That Changed My Life – Aroma Soap Lab by Renee Howard

Being someone who has problematic and sensitive skin, it’s really hard to find a good facial cream and scrub as all of them are giving me rash, redness or dry out my skin even more. As I confessed in one … Continue reading

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Why it’s Important to Experience a Shitty Job

It is common between people to complain about their bosses, their jobs, coworkers but how many times you felt like you would rather blow up the building than go inside and work in it? Way too many? Sorry to tell … Continue reading

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Solid Food – Yes or No

In last few years, all we could see is celebrities going gluten free, dairy-free, vegan and so on. It became Hollywood trend to advertise healthy and liquid food. For me, that was always sort of funny as I loved to … Continue reading

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New Rubric on AllCoffeeTalk

It’s been crazy last few months. I quit my job, started a blog, went back to school, moved to another town… And it’s only May. In these last few weeks, I had a great experience exploring my inner self and … Continue reading

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Fashion Alert! Kardashian Sets a New Hairstyle For Spring 2016

Kim K fashion alert! Another fashion rule from Kardashian family coming for this spring – Dutch braid. If you are following Kardashians on Instagram, then you couldn’t miss new looks that are now spreading worldwide! Mrs. West presented new hair-do for … Continue reading

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Skincare and makeup confession

  If you live on East Coast, you are probably hugging space heater right now and forgot how outside looks like. On days when you decide to punish yourself and go out, your skin shouldn’t be punished. Here are easy … Continue reading

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